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    Got to get a new pair soon. I use for both sports (Tennis) and driving.  Was disappointed in the last pair of Maui Jims as the tinting stated coming off plus one of the lens cracked after the warranty expired. Anyone have an opinion as I’m looking at a several hundred dollar outlay.

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    It is kinda funny.  When I was a teen/ young adult and had no money I bought expensive sunglasses.  Now as a physician with plenty of money I could not fathom it.

    Same with watches.

    Same with brand name clothing


    Sorry for the diversion but more to your point the best pair of sunglasses I had were Oakleys.  I still have a pair from 20 years ago and even with heavy use they held up well and I wear them today.

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    i am also interested in what you find out….

    been meaning to get some for some time, just havent put in the research.



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    I am and Ophthalmologist and there are a lot of ways to go here.  I don’t know about specifics with Tennis but I have a lot of patients who are golfers that swear by Oakleys.  There is a specific lens that increases visibility of golf balls and tennis balls that any Oakley dealer should be able to tell you about.  I am outdoors fishing, hunting, etc a fair amount and I love my Costa Del Mar sunglasses.  Our experience with Rx for those has been pretty good as well.  Just remember like with anything you get what you pay for but with glasses frames and Rx lenses there is a huge mark up so you sometimes pay even more for that quality/look.  You may find a pair that you love at Costco too and their optical usually does a pretty good job so if you are looking to save $, it may not hurt to look here so you can compare.  Hope this helps.

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    Dreamgiver Dreamgiver 
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    I have had my Oakleys for 9 years now and they have held up very well and the lenses are terrific. I would not spend a ton of money if you are the person who just tosses them in the glove box or such though.

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    q-school q-school 
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    i’ve had oakleys and maui jims and ray bans and many others.

    the shade adjusting oakleys were by far my favorite, until i lost them.  ahem there may have been alcohol involved.

    however, as my eyes worsened and my need for progressives developed, the prescription sunglasses even for the cheapest ones are like 700 bones and adding transitions is crazy.  i hate carrying two frames around (for when it gets late afternoon).  be wary of weird tan lines on your face.

    just don’t get old.  or at least keep good vision.



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    Hank Hank 
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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    Zenni Optical.  Their glasses are cheap and decent quality.  Useful for a backup pair if nothing else.

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    wonka31 wonka31 
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    I got a pair of Oakley eyeglasses (didn’t go in wanting them, they were the ones I liked most at my optometrist’s office) and I will likely never get a non-Oakley pair for awhile. They’re durable, lightweight and literally the best pair of eyeglasses I’ve had from a frame standpoint. My FIL and BIL swear by the sunglasses.

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    Craigy Craigy 
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    I wear ray bans almost daily.  I don’t have Rx though.  No complaints.  Keep the lenses clean and try not to crush them.

    Oakleys are fine, my most recent pair had lenses that were a little disorienting.  Tried to warranty claim but they stonewalled me.  After a few years it seems whatever coating has worn off and they’re better, but they’re pretty rough now.  I don’t know if I’d buy another pair unless I got a really killer sale.  Might try Magpul next but I don’t know if they offer rx for you.  Also not really the look I’m going for anymore.  But they do come in handy when I’m doing some sort of manual labor or physical activity with the kids.

    Similar experience with Maui Jim, lots of great reviews, but I bought some for my wife that split down the middle.  They replaced under warranty but she’s hesitant to wear them anymore.

    I have heard a lot of good things about Costas.  Popular here in Louisiana with all the fishermen etc.


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    I’ve had similar experience with Maui Jim rx lenses tinting issues. I’m debating investing in another pair of rx sunglasses or just put that money towards LASIK. I don’t mind spending money on quality glasses (I wear them pretty much anytime I’m outside or driving) to protect my eyes but expected the Maui’s to stand up better than they have.

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    jfoxcpacfp jfoxcpacfp 
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    just don’t get old.

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    And I should…?

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    Avatar Ykcor 
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    Thanks for input. I think I’ll give Costco a visit. Hard to order prescription lens online, especially transition bifocals, as there is some measurements like distance between pupils that is usually not on prescription from eye doctor.  Agree there is Hugh markup.

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    We had Oakley’s. Liked them. Sporty version so you could run/ski/bike with them. Not cheap, but good to have RX sunglasses.

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    Zenni Optical.  Their glasses are cheap and decent quality.  Useful for a backup pair if nothing else.

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    We agree on something. I went from Fendi to Zenni and couldn’t be happier.

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