Predicting $191k AGI for 2019, direct or backdoor Roth?

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    I am starting my first job in June and am anticipating mine and my spouse’s AGI to be ~$191k for 2019.  With any unforeseen changes or a bump in my production it could easily exceed the $193k income limit.  I know I will be doing backdoor contributions in the future so should I just start doing it now?  The reason I want to do it now is because I have the cash on hand and want the money in the market.  It will also prevent me from having any urges to spend the money on other less important things.

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    Yes backdoor. Too close.

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    Faithful Steward Faithful Steward 
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    Agree with Peds, you’re so close that it’s safer to just do the Backdoor Roth, rather than risking having to recharacterize if you go over the income threshold.

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    The only reason not to do backdoor is a few extra steps / forms, no big deal especially since you need to learn how to do them anyways for future years and WCI has a good tutorial on it.

    I thought there was new law prohibiting you from recharacterizing roth to traditional. If so the downside to going roth and then realizing you significantly undercalculated MAGI is fairly large.

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    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    Backdoor. You’ll have to wait the extra few days for the funds to clear but will only take you an extra minute or so total.

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