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    I have never done locums before, I but am considering doing it for a year or two (on top of my full time gig) because I’m starting a little late and want to play a bit of catch up. The problem is figuring out where to negotiate my price with these companies. The starting offer I’ve heard from a few is an hourly rate less than my normal job. I’ve heard Locums can be lucrative, but so far have been disappointed by the offers. Has anyone out there done PICU or peds cardiac ICU locums, and if so do you mind sharing the going rate so I can “know what I’m worth?”

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    Perhaps someone will chime in their number but i suspect this is unlikely.

    Start with whatever your current gig is paying plus the value of benies there. Add X inconvenience fee.

    It’s not your prob that both the hospital and the locums company are trying to pay their bureaucrats at your expense.

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    Why would you add locums paying less if you can just work extra at your job right now?

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    Depends if it’s home call (at small community picu) or in house in busy unit—so a bunch of variables. I’d say $125-200 for in house, $1800-2400/day if it’s a not in house. But everything is always negotiable

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    Definitely do NOT take lower than your current pay. Typically benefits are about a 40-50% increase to your base pay… so I’d say ask for at least 150% of your current hourly pay, plus travel expenses, if it is out of the area.

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    As a currently employed attending, how do you not know what your work time is worth? What’s your total comp? How much do you work and how productive are you?

    You have a job, you have all the leverage for negotiating for extra locums worth elsewhere. Decide how much they’d need to pay you to do the locums work and then ask for 10% more. If they won’t meet your asking price, walk away. They really need a doc to come work, you don’t really have to do locums.

    You have a valuable skill set and they need your services, if they won’t pay you what you need to make it worth your time, tell them they have your number and they’re welcome to call when they change their mind.

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