Payroll tax on starting bonus?

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    W2 employee. Was surprised to see this is this correct?

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    was definitely the case for us – we paid taxes…

    not antagonizing, just wondering if i’m missing something… why would not being taxed on your bonus make sense?

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    Tax I understand. Payroll tax idk since I received the $ Before even working?

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    I believe the IRS considers bonus as “supplemental wages”

    if social security and medicare taxes were avoided by paying bonuses then we would all pay ourselves increased “bonus” and decreased “salary”, to avoid those taxes

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    yay learning about taxes!

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    jfoxcpacfp jfoxcpacfp 
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    Yes, you owe it – c/b reported on W2 or 1099 as has been discussed beyond ad nauseum on another thread.

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    My wife’s new employer did the same thing and they put 6% of the bonus into a retirement account (automatic contribution).

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