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    Out of my class of 16 in residency, 3 did a chronic pain fellowship. One does OR anesthesia only full time in PP, one does half and half at academic medical center, one does pain part time in PP. Just a couple of observations you might already be familiar with. If the goal is 50/50 pain/OR anesthesia, an academic medical center might be your only viable option. That will come with a lower salary. Strictly speaking about income, the pain folks who do well are those who built their own practice and employ other people. Many of them, not all, are block jockeys. That’s how you make money. Unfortunately, a comprehensive pain practice is much more than blocks. PT, psych, behavioral specialists and such are needed. They cost money and don’t really bring much money in. That is why, in general, academic centers tend to have better chronic pain centers. I know many folks who do OR anesthesia and make more than chronic pain folks. Yes, that comes with nights, holidays, weekends, high acuity, deaths, and such. Payor mix, group structure, geographical arbitrage all play a role in the economics.

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    you really want to jump into the current opioid fiasco?  needle jockeys are an endangered species, most are transitioning into cash based regenerative med and everyone from chiros to naturopaths are milking that to an early death

    It’s psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy. I’ll get a saw.

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