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    Working on separation process from Ameriprise advisor to Vanguard DIY. One remaining account is wife’s 403b from prior employer.  Ameriprise has been managing this in a variable annuity (RVRSRC RAVA 5 ADV VAR). Current balance is $4228 with surrender value of $3941. Wife now stays home, unlikely to work again in near future.

    What are our options for dealing with this account in lowest fee, most tax efficient manner?





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    I’d probably just cash it out.

    For others who may be interested, Jefferson Monument Advisor is a flat-fee annuity brokerage with excellent rates and service, but too high for such a small amount as in this post. We use it for clients who come to us with much larger annuities to get out of high fee accounts until they get past age 59.5.

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