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    @itengineer, did you recoup your money when Netbank when bankrupt? I assume it was FDIC insured.

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    Depositing rolls of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for grandma and kids.
    Getting cash in the dominations requested
    Getting foreign currency
    Depositing cash in an account I am not a signer on.

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    cashing checks

    free dum-dum lollipops

    no fee when emptying out the spare change bucket (although I do like the coinstar with option)

    good for taking your kid to deposit real, honest to goodness, money into their account.  just like adults, it seems more concrete for them than numbers on a computer screen!

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    Netbank was taken over by INGdirect and then moved over to CapitalOne.  I didn’t lose any dollars in either transition.

    Missed those days of being paid to open accounts at Netbank.  That was a fun time on the internet!

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    Avatar CECRNA 
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    Just opened at Ally, with some left in B&M bank for easy access. Thanks everyone!! Now I can channel the rest of the cash to taxable

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    In my opinion it’s hard to beat Charles Schwab’s online checking account product. I’ve had over a decade of excellent service. ATMs fees always refunded. Excellent mobile app and website. Deposit checks up to $20 or $25k via the app and those usually clear within hours. Free checks. People in Arizona answer the phone when I call for help. Linked to a brokerage account which I find excellent as well though I prefer Vanguard’s mutual funds and money market. I don’t use Schwab’s savings account.

    The Finance Buff's solo 401k contribution spreadsheet:

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    I love USAA. Been with them since I was 18 and online checking is super easy. I plan to open an ally account later this year. And we use brick and mortar local bank for my 11yo who loves to deposit and pull cash out from a bank. I think it makes him feel very grown up!

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    Sorry to interject here…

    Does Ally provide checks? Can you get foreign currency from them?


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