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Northern California

Home Mortgages and Home Buying Northern California

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    As pointed out by many, geographic arbitrage is a combination of the region as well as the size of the “big city” amenities. Taxes are primarily state, but …
    then it comes to climate and how many people prefer the population centers.
    That’s why rural and underserved pay more.
    Two tickets to paradise is gonna cost you.

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    I live in the Bay Area. I love it.

    I am FI. Combined income ~450 (1/3 spending 1/3 saving 1/3 taxes). I have all the stuff I need/want. And more important than “toys” or “stuff” or super-sized home is family. To me it’s all about family. We see family all the time. Multiple times/week. We have baby sitters whenever we need them, family dinners, etc. You can’t buy family connection, dependability and love.

    And the city, culture, food, weather, ocean are all lovely. These are worth a lot to me.

    Also my goal isn’t to retire early. I’m fortunate that I love my Bay Area job and even though FI not cutting back any time soon.. if anything I’m leaning in more.

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