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    Investment return was -2.5 percent for the year. But networth was up 175k due to realization of market appreciation when we sold our house over the summer. Only 25k of networth increase came from our retirement accounts thanks to the negative return, despite investing a lot more than 25k. Overall I’m pretty happy.

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    don’t know, don’t care. info not going to change management


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    Lithium Lithium 
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    Ignoring the value of the house, which was paid off before the start of the year, I was up about 7%.  Meh.  International and small/value tilting did not serve me well at all.

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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    I forgot to add that I took a ton of TLH 2018 which I have not been able to do for quite some time

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    @Vagabond MD,
    Your point is well taken. Most here, at least the younger are so focused on the uphill drive that they basically ignore the downhill risks. Can lead to mistaken allocation choices. Alternate sources of income represent additional diversification.
    Your friend is simply facing sequence risk. For his sake, hope he can handle at least one or two down years.

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    2018 Was a great year (all things considered). Retirement accounts hit over 100k for the first time, graduated residency and started a big Boy job. Now maxing out 401(a), governmental 457, 2 Roth IRA’s, and the HSA. Even have some loan repayment help through my employer. Net worth “rose” to a high of -$58,000 by the end of the year which is nice given my multiple 6 figures in loans. Hope to be #backtobroke half way through this year. Living like a resident is easier when you’ve committed to it before seeing the higher paychecks and the current market is easy to stomach when there’s not much in the accounts yet. Oh, and the WCI conference was OK I guess (/s, it was great).

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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    NW +1% yoy.  Contributions to investments and significant mortgage debt reduction drove the input side.  The headwinds were in investment contribution timing throughout year driving average cost upward with the last quarter/month market negative volatility driving investment valuations lower.  No changes to AA, annual rebalancing executed yesterday.

    Is the tide going out, and who has on their swimsuit?

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    Craigy Craigy 
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    About 100%.

    My strategic decision to begin the year with a very small net worth was absolutely critical.


    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    It increased about 19% (in strictly investment accounts) for the year thanks to being able to squirrel away money. I haven’t calculated what my investment return is for the year but it’s basically going to mirror what any of the total stock funds did.

    “But investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.”
    ― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

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    From 111k to 452k, so up 400% I guess. Not because of my investments, which were all down I think.

    Obviously early in my career. 2 physician household.

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    Up 72k which is about 12% from the start of the year. Would have been more if not for the 4th quarter returns, and paying for a new minivan in cash (I don’t include the value of the cars in net worth)

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    Down around 800K.  Trying not to figure it out.  I had assumed it was over a million so I was relieved.

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    @hatton1 did your net worth really drop $800k from 1/1/2018 to 1/1/2019 or was that the drop from around the time that the market topped out in 2018? Because we have certainly experienced a similar drop from the market highs, but not from start to finish of the 12 month period.

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    From the top

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    -40k -> #backtobroke -> now up to +60k.

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    NW up 1195% due to hitting back to broke around the new year last year and massive savings and loan pay off this year.  We saved about 75% of take home. Though taxable account that we started this year is down 8% from basis.

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