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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    Medical school /residency condo
    Bought 2006 for 184,500
    Sold 2015 for 255,000
    Recently sold for 220,000

    Attending house
    Bought 2016 460,000
    Sold 2018 525,000
    Recently sold for 510,000

    Just built new home.

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    Bought our house at the end of MS2 (I know, I know) for $175K in 2012. Current Zestimate is $302K. Home down the street (similar size/finish out) just sold for asking price (had 2 offers of $340K!) on the day it was listed.

    We’re selling next spring–dear sweet baby Jesus let this market hold just a little bit longer, because that would pay off the med school loans and then some!

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    One house, one spouse! LOL.

    The places we considered at $300 in 2006, before deciding to rent for residency, are now going for about $250. Our current home is now valued on Redfin at about $150 more than we paid in 2009. Doesn’t matter much though. We won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Hank Hank 
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    Residency in San Antonio, bought in 2001 for $74K, sold in 2004 for $80K. (Still cheaper than renting equivalent housing)  Now Zillow says $174K

    Northern Virginia SFH, bought in 2004 for $445K, kept it.  Zillow says it’s worth $708K.

    San Diego condo, bought in 2008 for $431K, kept it.  Zillow says it’s worth $631K.

    San Diego SFH, bought in 2012 for $778K, now Zillow says $1.2M.

    We’ve bought other places as pure investment properties and gotten better cash on cash returns.  Still, we’ve gotten decent appreciation by holding onto previous residences.

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    Avatar STM 
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    Bought during residency in 2010 for $342K, sold in 2015 for $575K. Zillow says it’s worth $623K now. Thank you Portland real estate market!

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    Avatar Marko-ER 
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    Ok, I will share mine too..

    #1)  A small house (rancher) in a medium-sized university town in the midwest for undergrad –> medschool with help from parents, had roommates for all 7 years.  Purchase mid-2003 for 190K, sold in 2010 in the midst of the post-2008 housing crash for 170K (ouch! supposedly recession-proof town).  Resident/fellow who purchased from me sold again in 2013 for 183K.  Current zestimate = 307K.

    #2)  Didn’t learn my lesson, purchased house mid-residency in early 2012 on the East Coast in a somewhat shady, but up & coming neighborhood for 180K.  I was getting married that summer; marriage worked out (knock on wood), but the handshake fellowship offer fell thru.  Had to apply & move out of town and rather than being a long-distance landlord, sold after just over 2 years mid-2014 for 220K.  Luck, pure luck.  Current zestimate 267K.

    Finally learned my lesson.  Rented during fellowship (despite a ‘handshake’ job offer at the institution where I landed), got a better private-practice job, bought 6 months into the job.

    #3)  Current home in a small-medium midwestern town, purchased for 270K.  Happy with it, though lots of land (1+ acres) may come with privacy, it’s also a lot more maintenance than I expected.  Current zestimate = 367K.

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    Residency (I know!) bought for $86K, Sold for $115 3 years later. Zillow says $92, but all other houses around are $150-190K

    Bought a year prior to getting to first job (I know!), $390, lived in it for 8 years, still own it and rent it out, Zillow is wrong but says it is worth $783K (maybe worth $700K on a good day, I would think). Renting it out.

    Bought in 2013, $870K, Zillow is wrong and says $2.257M; Likely more like S1.7-1.8M

    We’ve done well.

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    Avatar Dont_know_mind 
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    Past transactions
    1. 2001- Bought (B) 300k, sold (S) 2012 – 600k
    2. B-2000: 300k, S-2014-800k
    3. B-2008: 500k, S-2013-900k
    4. B-2013: 1.1M, S-2017-1.5M

    Current holdings
    1. B-2007-1M, current value (CV) 7M-9M
    2. B-2004-800k, CV 2.2M
    3. B-2016-2.5M, CV 2.5M
    4. B-2019-400k, CV 400k

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