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My house History

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  • Lordosis Lordosis
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    The other thread about housing prices and the PoF post about his housing journey made me curious and I checked out zillow for my first home.


    I bought it during med school (I know, I know) for 73K  in 2009 and sold in 2012 for 100K  and the zestimate  is now  155K.  Who knows if it is accurate.


    The house I bought in Residency (I know, I know again)  we got in 2012 for 150K and sold in 2015 for 160K and now the Zestimate is 135K yikes!


    Any others want to share their housing adventures?

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    triad triad
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    bought in 2008 for 156k.  sold in 2012 for 170k, last sold in 2015 for 215k, zestimate 256k

    current house bought in 2012 for 250k  zestimate is 340k.

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    mkintx mkintx
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    Bought med school condo in 200 for about $60 and sold in 2005 for about $65k.  What a headache.

    Bought first house in 2005 for $255,000, sold in 2012 for $284,000 currently zestimate is $444,419.

    Bought current home in 2012 for $586,00, current zestimate $711,999


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    Avatar rbloom1470
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    Bought in Brooklyn during fellowship, a Co op in 1985 for $75,000. Sold 2 years later for $150,000. Recent sale on Zillow for $850,000.

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    Avatar RI
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    Bought a house in grad school for $282k and held onto it as a rental for the past 10 years. Currently Zillow has at $497k. Rented during residency, but bought our current house in 2015 at $728k and now Zillow says it’s about $945k. We’re happy with how things turned out, but certainly don’t think it was mainly due to my skill. We got lucky and benefitted from these being in a booming ‘it’ city.

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    Lithium Lithium
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    Bought condo in residency in 2010 for $57,500, actually $52k with first time homeowner credit.

    Sold in 2014 for $92k

    According to Zestimate worth $152k!!!!



    Bought current home in 2015 for $325k, per Zestimate now worth $541k.

    Just insane.  I’m telling myself this is the last home I’ll ever buy.

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    Avatar DocNextDoor
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    Short journey here, bought in 1995 $188k zillow $490k now, not for sale

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    ddswifey ddswifey
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    Interesting thread.

    First home bought in 2007 for $250k.

    sold 2012 for $222k.   (ugh, bought at the high, sell low)   zillow says $234k now.


    second home     built in 2014 for $510k

    sold in 2017 for $655k    now zillow says 718 which I don’t believe is accurate at all. I know my local real estate pretty well and that just wouldn’t fly.


    land bought 2018  for 130k.

    Sold 2019 for $168k   zillow – same.   Just sold it.


    current home bought 2017 for $275k.    zillow says now $303k.


    all properties sold with NO REALTOR, so never pay huge transaction fees.


    I'm here to learn

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    PhysicianOnFIRE PhysicianOnFIRE
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    Gainesville, Florida. 1 BR, 1 BA. $120,000
    Cheboygan, Michigan. 4 BR, 4 BA. $660,000
    Aberdeen, South Dakota. 5 BR, 4 BA. $325,000
    Brainerd, Minnesota. 5 BR, 3 BA. $269,000
    Mullet Lake, Michigan. 2 BR, 1 BA. $15,400
    Alpena, MI. 3 BR, 1 BA. $90,000

    We Bought a $90,000 House. And Yes, We’re Moving In.

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    Avatar StateOfMyHead
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    My first house 1995 paid $52,500 renovations $45,000 I resold in 1999 for $159,000 it last sold for $335,000 in 2008.

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    Avatar burritos
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    SFH Ventura County, CA 2000 for 435k, sold 2014 for 765k, current zillow is 900k

    SFH Ventura County, CA 2014 975 current 1100

    SFH Pierce county, WA 2004 for 176, current is 305.

    Townhome Pierce county, WA 2005 for 177, current is 294.

    SFH in Pierce county WA 2010 for 190, current 373

    SFH in Pierce county WA 2011 for 200, current 404k


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    Avatar Peds
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    Avatar JBME
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    didn’t buy in med school

    didn’t buy in residency…saw the market was tanking and I thought it would go for a long while

    bought the doc house 5 months out of residency. so that was the mistake. BUT we really did buy it at the bottom of the market for our area, when interest rates were their lowest ever and we got a fixed rate

    my wife is with the same attending job she got right out of residency and neither of us have no plans to leave. we said back then it was our forever home when the two of us moved into a 3500sqfter. now we’re 5.

    bought house for $900k in 2013. zillow says it’s $1,150,000 now. Seems high to me but I’m sure we can get $1m

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    Avatar octopus85
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    Bought house as an undergrad (haha). Paid $160k, sold 2 years later for $188k.

    Bought house for med school. Paid $190k, sold 9 years later (MD/Phd) for $330k.

    Bought house for residency. Paid $400k. Now 2 years later, Zillow says $450k.


    I may start offering a service where I’ll let you know where I’m moving next so you can buy real estate there 🙂


    Aside from a couple years in the dorms as an undergrad, I’ve actually never rented…

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    wideopenspaces wideopenspaces
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    Gainesville, Florida. 1 BR, 1 BA. $120,000
    Cheboygan, Michigan. 4 BR, 4 BA. $660,000
    Aberdeen, South Dakota. 5 BR, 4 BA. $325,000
    Brainerd, Minnesota. 5 BR, 3 BA. $269,000
    Mullet Lake, Michigan. 2 BR, 1 BA. $15,400
    Alpena, MI. 3 BR, 1 BA. $90,000

    We Bought a $90,000 House. And Yes, We’re Moving In.

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    That house is darling!! I’m a total sucker for mid century modern, so I’m pretty jealous.

    We bought a townhouse a block from the beach in 2005 for med school 96k. Sold in 2010 for 120k. Z estimate says 152k.

    Bought a house after residency in 2014 for 364k. Sold in 2018 for 500k. Z estimate says 529k

    Bought in 2018 for 620k, z estimate says 650k.

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