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    Any chance someone who has MGMA spreadsheets that would be willing to share with me? I am currently searching for palliative medicine jobs and would really appreciate it πŸ™‚

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    If so I’d like to know current ophthalmology data for increased negotiating power.

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    Surveys do provide useful data. Although this is older, it still paints a picture. MGMA, AMGA, Sullivan-Cotter, Medscape do as well. The challenge is to interpret the data and extrapolate the information to the opportunity one is considering. Four β€œregions” give one a flavor, face it large population centers and healthcare employment vary greatly within each region, employment type, and competitive environment for attracting and retaining physicians. A smaller community hospital may have to pay a higher wRVU rate simply because of the volumes and efficiencies limit the potential. Same pay for a specialty with a premium to make up for the difficulty in recruiting physicians.
    Good luck.

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