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    I used to get a copy of one of those physician health magazines. I sent an email to the publisher and asked to be removed from their mailing list. Now I each time, I get ten copies. Ten. I haven’t reached out to them again for fear of the consequences.

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    I once tried to send the prepaid renewal card to say I did not want to renew. Instead I got an additional copy for my office and my business PO box in addition to my home. Since they were now sure that a live person was present that noticed their publication, they have started sending me the sister and offspring publications ( from the same publisher) to all 3 addresses.

    Now when I see a plea in the form of the renewal insert struck to the front page stating it is my “Final Issue” unless I send in the card, I hope that it is really true. But alas, it isn’t. They still continue to arrive even after inaction on my part.

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    So why am I writing there? Same reason financial advisors write for medical economics and MD magazine. That’s where the eyeballs are and we’re all trying to promote our businesses. Alexa Ranking of 283. That’s in the same range as,, and, etc. The main reason people write for less than their time is worth is for marketing purposes. 

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    What is the Alexa rank for PMD?

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    See MD Magazine above. Same thing.

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    I unsubscribed to it about 10 years ago, haven’t honestly thought about it at all since then until this thread. Never saw much benefit in it, figured I was just killing more trees.

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