Mammoth/Squaw and Jackson Hole/Big Sky – when to go?

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    We will be skiing the above resorts as well as Alta/Snowbird this winter using our Mountain Collective ski passes. We’ll be doing Alta/Snowbird around the holidays.

    Are we more likely to get good skiing if we do Mammoth/Squaw in mid-January and Jackson Hole/Big Sky in early April, or the other way around? I recall Wyoming can get very cold so I thought we’d save that for early spring.

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    Mammoth/Squaw would be good Mid-January, April might be thin coverage… however always a chance we get a late winter too. I would try NOT to go around the 3 day weekends in January, as they are the busiest.

    Not sure your planning… but would be best to know what the snow is doing before you pick if you will go to Mammoth or Squaw (or do you plan to travel between the two and see both?) Mammoth is higher elevation, so often gets more snow, in case we are thin on coverage. Had a HUGE winter last year (I think I heard Squaw got the most snow EVER in the month of February!).

    Let me know when you are here, we’ll have a beer or take a few turns.


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    Mammoth and squaw is an interesting combo.. how does that work.. that’s a 3-4 hour drive that I wouldn’t make in Jan and doesn’t seem like an easy flight combo

    So I would go with Jackson in Jan and CA in April but obviously dependent on what type of winter they have

    But you’re right Jackson can be an outright ice box that time of year.. only time I said I couldn’t handle it was Jackson in Jan.

    Also Alta/snowbird will be crazy during the holidays so I would at least stay on site

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    Mammoth/Squaw in mid-January and Jackson Hole/Big Sky in early April

    Click to expand…

    Do that if you need to book stuff now.  Agree with SLC, try to do things mid-week.

    If you are passionate about the best skiing, just wait to see what the winter brings and suffer the higher prices.

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    Only ever been to Big Sky and was 25 years ago.  IMO Big Sky is ideal in January and February for the back bowl/powder.  Saw a girl who was like 5 years old go down a double black diamond at Big Sky without poles.  I was very jealous, but I cared about my bones remaining where they were so got over it.

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    Spouse says Jackson first because better. Mammoth second, as less better.

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    Alta we stay with family just outside the canyon. We get three days there.

    We plan to drive from the PNW to California. Full nine day vacation. Two days there, two days skiing, one day drive to the other resort, two days skiing, two days home. We have 4wd and snow tires and I grew up driving Midwestern winters. That said I know our trip could be subject to change.

    I was even toying with driving to Jackson and Big Sky. But may fly that one. Same deal. Two days skiing, one day between resorts, two days skiing.

    There’s a wilderness medicine conference at Big Sky third week of February but my hospital wouldn’t pay. 😀

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    Joined: 06/24/2019 favorite topic.  I live in CA and go to Mammoth a lot…last season was epic and long (July?).  I like going there anytime between Jan – March but avoid holiday wkds (President’s; MLK). Went to Jacksonhole last March…cold but was awesome at the top above the clouds.

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