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    Few people have mentioned the cost of putting a yard in.  about 1/3 of the houses in our neighborhood have yet to put in a yard.  To put grass in costs at least 10k.  The guy up the street got a quote for his yard at 150k, probably only .7 acres.  Needless to say, he is doing it himself and only a little at a time.

    As per the yearly upkeep.  The start up costs are a few big purchases, like the robotic lawnmower I just bought, and death by a thousand papercuts for everything else.

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    Yikes. We just got a quote for 30k. 10k sprinklers, 10k materials, 10 labor.

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    People around here love their boulders.  apparently they run like 500 a stone.  Adds up quickly.  One guy said each boulder represented a tonsil he had removed.

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    A wise man (WCI) once wrote:
    “I often remind readers that in personal finance, it is the big rocks that matter.”

    Rock gardens can be viewed as a luxury.

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