Is there a bubble in physician personal finance blogs? Or, more generally, PF blogs?

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  • Lordosis Lordosis 
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    I read WCI every day but just skim the once that do not apply, Private practice, student loans…

    I read PoF most days.

    I have been reading old posts from Actuary on Fire.  It is delightful.  I just signed up for his emails.

    I will read the random post from others if it strikes me as interesting on the Sunday best or the WCI monthly email.

    I hang around this forum more then I should…


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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD 
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    @vanguard MD,  do you not also read A Wealth of Common Sense? and listen to AnimalSpiritspod ?

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    Crap, yes, I forgot about those. Also, Antonacci’s sporadic Dual Momentum blog.

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    The forum here and twitter mainly. I have a real hard time with podcasts as theyre usually slow and boring. I do like animal spirits as theyre at least entertaining. If im driving or something I will at times listen to some others if they have interesting guests or topics.

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    Avatar Anne 
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    I mainly just read this forum now.   I went through a phase where I read a lot of the FIRE blogs but eventually it got too repetitive and I lost interest.   I definitely am not a financial expert–there are many economic concepts I have a very fuzzy understanding of, but when I start reading about them in depth my eyes glaze over.  But I think I have personal finance and what works for me personally pretty much down.

    I also like ROAMD.  And I liked Rogue Dad MD too and hope he starts writing more again.


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    ENT Doc ENT Doc 
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    Not a bubble.  But saturated, yes.

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    Bubble always make it sound more sensational, no? 😉

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    Other options also:

    Physician finance blogs are in crisis territory.

    Flood of physician finance blogs represent an existential threat.

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    Avatar StarTrekDoc 
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    Internet:  WCI for birds of feather online – rarely other financials; will occasionally hit FB groups when I’m on FB notifications from friends.  otherwise it’s ESPN/CNN/Bleacher/Alma mater and Youtube as the balance of my internet surfing.

    Radio:  NPR dominates my setting.


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    Avatar bean1970 
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    Hear! Hear!.  I just kind of random see what is out and read what seems interesting to me. I’m not into RE (been there done that…no go) and I don’t need debt repayment strategies.  I like tax strategies and general finance hacks mostly. For me I like checking on the forum here to see what is interesting and maybe where I can add my perspective. I listen to WCI podcasts and enjoy more of the speak pipe questions. I get the WCI investor newsletter i will skim and i usually open on PoF only the Sunday Best and see if there is anything I might have missed which is up my alley. I really enjoy the What’s up Next? podcast. I like the panel format. I think the moderators do a fantastic job of the flow of the podcast. It’s not always applicable to my needs, but because of the panel format and the flow it is a really nice podcast to listen to on my commute. Kudos to PDT and DG. I can see why they won an award at FinCon.  I also like Clark Howard podcast….his finance stuff is tad basic but I like to hear his consumer hacks and alerts.   He podcasts nearly everyday to i just look what his topic is and if it sounds like a good finance hack i listen (credit cards, travel, cell phone and cable carriers, grocery and restaurant hacks…all that stuff).

    Right now I started Bardstown podcast series about the KY murders in that small town.

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    Avatar Panscan 
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    there’s only so much relevant information. you can go into endless minutiae about tax details, estate planning, etc but in reality there is rapid diminishing returns.


    everyone saw WCI vast success and there was a huge influx, I’m sure numerous others will close up shop and a happy medium will be found

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    Avatar GasFIRE 
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    We all have different paths, interests and stages of life (family/career/finances). I enjoy this forum because you can either find what you want or start a thread on it and don’t have to read about topics that aren’t of interest. I’m impressed with the number of blogs followed by @vagabondmd. Of those, I really only follow PoFs Sunday Best and Crispy Doc. I do miss Hatton1 at Doctor of Finance. While not everybody’s cup of tea, I enjoy Gasem at MDonFire and David Graham at FiPhysician for their quant and often contrarian posts.

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    Avatar Kamban 
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    I would have to additionally petition our Maker/the Cosmos for 30 hour days.

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    @vagabondmd, based on your consumption I think you have 30 hour days and eight days a week. I think the mantra of pay yourself first, live below your means, start investing early, maximize tax deferred savings and stay married can only be said only so many times before it becomes stale.

    Now I just visit this forum. Even the blogs and podcasts don’t hold my attention. I would like to read a physician travel blog.

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    Avatar Dont_know_mind 
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    I love this blog, but he only seems to post once or twice a year:

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    Avatar fasteddie911 
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    I’ve started to lose interest in a lot of finance blogs as well.  They started to sound repetitive and the same messages rehashed over and over again, honestly there’s probably only so much one can write about this stuff.  I still follow WCI and bogleheads closely though.

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    jfoxcpacfp jfoxcpacfp 
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    Physician finance blogs are in crisis territory. Flood of physician finance blogs represent an existential threat.

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    Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP, Fox Wealth Mgmt & Fox CPAs ~ ~ [email protected]

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    Zzyzx Zzyzx 
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    WallStreetPhysician is/was one of the best and he maxed out after only 2 years and signed off

    It’s psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy. I’ll get a saw.

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    Avatar rdo 
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    I applaud physician bloggers.  It is hard work but only few can really be WCI,POF.  I understand it’s being business minded but why do I need to pay 1k for some courses they created or they want to set up meetups that I pay just to hear them talk?  that’s a major turn off to me, especially if I think I have more knowledge on finance than the blogger.

    I am all for supporting physician empowerment but I can also read WSJ to learn more about finance that is more relevant to my needs. To each is their own.  I just got tired of hearing the same thing.

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