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  • Avatar Dr P 
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    I was wondering if anyone has experience investing in the wine industry.

    Vineyards or wineries?


    Startups or tech?


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    Avatar Peds 
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    not at that point in my career.

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    ENT Doc ENT Doc 
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    Now THAT is what I call a liquid illiquid asset class!

    Hobby, not investment IMO.  Best friend does this for his job.  He probably has hundreds of bottles saved for his kid’s graduations and other special occasions, many of which has skyrocketed in value.  But he’ll never sell them.  Unless the business aspect of this idea is contained in an index fund I’ll pass and just wait for those special occasions when he brings over a good bottle to waste on my simple palate.

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    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    It seems like a lot of the smaller vineyards in Napa are owned by those who got wealthy in another industry. I’m not sure if they make any money or not, but investing in wine is pretty far down on my list of things to invest in.

    “But investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.”
    ― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    The year of the false spring ruined my harvest and I have forbade investing in such temperamental commodities henceforth.

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

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    Avatar mpdoc 
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    No experience.
    When last visiting Napa the tour guide quipped that the fastest way to make a small fortune in the wine industry was to start with a large fortune.

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    Hank Hank 
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    Wine is taxed at collectibles rates.

    Vineyards are a great way to lose money if you aren’t into flying, boats, horses, or divorces.

    Avatar NYCdoc 
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    The physicians that I know that have wineries are independently wealthy and enjoy the wine as a hobby/collector’s items.

    As I child, I grew up in an area with lots of wineries and my friends’ parents were the owners. It is a lot of work. I wouldn’t think of vineyards/wineries as an investment to produce money, more as a way of living if it is a culture you enjoy being part of.

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    Avatar StarTrekDoc 
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    Best investing in this category goes like this — drinking nicely acquired wines during trips throughout the world when you forget a few bottles in the back for 40 years then your progeny find them at estate with a few of them making it worthwhile to auction.

    Otherwise, enjoy the wine.

    For those with vineyards – it’s the tasting room that makes the dollars.  Otherwise, it’s an expensive hobby and a nice write-down farming activity 2nd home.

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    Avatar G 
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    Total Wine has a concierge program where you can purchase Bordeaux futures, although it’s probably not the kind of thing you’re asking about, it could be fun to scratch an itch. Also worth sniffing around at some of the auctions. If you have a cellar already, why not buy some stuff? Assuming a solid provenance and a classic, the downside is likely limited to auction fees. (Don’t forget to note the sellers fee.)

    I personally dont care for the funds, I’d rather buy my own bottle than owning a fraction of one minus the rake.

    Similar to many hobbies, there is money to be made at the margins, but unless it is your full time job, it is unlikely to amount to much. At least compared to physician/surgeon income. (e.g. unlikely but possible to get a 100% return on a case of 4 figure bottles…eventually…so don’t quit your day job.)

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    Theres an easy not quite living room friendly joke here, that is all.

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    Avatar DCdoc 
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    I did this a couple years ago but drank all the assets. My total return was -100% but I had a great evening.

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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD 
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    If not already stated…

    ”Do you know how to make a small fortune in the wine business?

    Start with a large fortune.”


    I enjoy the hobby of wine,p; not need to lose my a$$ over it.

    "Wealth is the slave of the wise man and the master of the fool.” -Seneca the Younger

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    Avatar JWeb 
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    The best way to “invest” in wine is to drink it.


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    Avatar Kamban 
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    The best way to invest is not in Vineyards or expensive wine bottles but to buy the Two-Dollar-Chuck at Trader’s Joe and invest the rest in a nice Vanguard Index fund. You will get some really good returns on the investment and a great wine at an affordable price.

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