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    Resurrection of a two year old thread!  I ended up buying BPOP and EVTC, and am up 55 and 102% (excl dividends) respectively.  Maybe it’ll be negative by the end of the season.

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    Reference those who did in New Orleans after Katrina — hit/miss on many

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    Charitable giving, yes. Investment, no. You are mixing sentiment with profit motive. I certainly have given to PR and encourage others as well. Even $100.

    The only reliable people in NOLA were the national guardsmen. Two years of post Katrina was enough. Some had no choice, extreme adversity. Others just profiteering. Maybe it’s better, the mayor that went to prison certainly didn’t help. Went back one time for the 10th anniversary HOF ceremony. Last time I think.

    Please give as close to the people as possible. When I saw the Mayor of San Juan pleading that there was no water available and was asked about the skid of water behind her and it was her’s, I had flash backs. If you can find religious group making a trip or providing supplies that would be my suggestion.

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    Old thread! I have family in Puerto Rico and I’d have to say property laws and inheritance there is such a cluster. I tried to buy a place there for a while and I ended up calling it because it sucked.

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