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    Watching the aftermath of two major hurricanes hitting Puerto Rico just makes my heart break.  Obviously, there is need for immediate help in terms of relief supplies and cash; there are abundant outlets for this and I would encourage those inclined to help out.

    However, more to the focus of this forum: I have been interested in investing in Puerto Rico since I visited earlier this year.  I think the island faces a steep uphill climb from the devastation particularly when combined with the pre-existing financial crisis, but long-term, I suspect the island will do well.

    Most of what I have encountered involves real estate investing.  I’m not interested in adding more rental property or land speculation to my portfolio at this time, particularly considering that they will need to reconstruct, well, almost everything.  There are few publicly traded companies that focus specifically on the island.  One of them is Popular–any thoughts on Puerto Rican banks?

    I guess bonds are another option, but a quick check of my current brokerage accounts, none are trading these.

    Anyway, just looking for thoughts from the WCI Collective.

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    The president says it’s great.

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    Might be a good opportunity to snap up some property at bargain basement prices, but seems kind of like profiteering. I mean, you could fly over there and sell water for $100 a bottle too.

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    Reference those who did in New Orleans after Katrina — hit/miss on many

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    And what happens when a hurricane hits PR next year… I’d avoid investing in PR, even the US seems to be slowly eeking out of its obligation to the island. It’s shame since it’s so beautiful there.

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    Wife and I were going to go to Vieques in November, had to cancel the trip. Will definitely hope to go in the future when it is appropriate.

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    Wife and I were going to go to Vieques in November, had to cancel the trip. Will definitely hope to go in the future when it is appropriate.

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    Vieques is wonderful! Satellite images that I saw looked like W was okay but some of the other parts of the island looked rough.  Last I saw both the airport and ferry port were heavily damaged.

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    Research the construction industry in PR.   Who sells the cement, lumbar, dry wall ?

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    Wife and I were going to go to Vieques in November

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    Off topic, but my wife and I spent my 40th birthday there on Vieques in Esperanza. Fun little strip of bars and restaurants. Great beaches nearby, lots of sea glass to collect, and of course the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay in Mosquito bay. We stayed at El Blok, a mid century styled hotel with a swanky restaurant on the second floor.

    Be sure to read recent reviews on the bioluminescent bay — a major event like a hurricane can affect the microorganisms that make it so. The bay has “gone dark” after similar events in the past.

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    PR islander here,


    Investing opportunities are hit or miss as has been said before, considering that we are still up the air in terms of reconstruction and our debt crisis repayment, this might take a while…

    On the flip side, there is now a great restarting point in terms of construction, energy reform (donations done by Elon Musk already), retiree and education which may help the island in the long run.

    Real estate seems like a good opportunity considering the mass exodus that is expected to follow, but that depends I guess on the time horizon regarding the recovery

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    The crisis makes me increasingly interested in home solar. As has been mentioned, recent events have shown just how fragile the country is. Im surprised it took this long. Who knows when the next crisis will be? It’s hard to imagine anything short of an exodus and I would stay away from an investment standpoint unless I was very confident in what I were getting myself into.

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    Hmmm, not that I would follow Schiff but sometimes things that are too good to be true usually are.  Then again:



    At least it may be worthwhile to check out the country on a vacation (?) and do some good by spending tourist $ there.

    And completely off the wall:  there is a separatist movement in Alberta, Canada and nothing in Canadian constitution to prevent them from seceding.  Culturally and on the political spectrum they have a lot in common with the praire west states such as Montana or Idaho.  Perhaps increase the state count to 52, with Puerto Rico and Alberta (offsetting liberal and conservative additions)?

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    Hmmm, not that I would follow Schiff but sometimes things that are too good to be true usually are.  Then again:

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    If you’re interested, research PR’s Acts 20 and 22. An adventurous sort could probably do well to go over and set up a telehealth company. Gotta spend 183 days a year on the island.

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    Real estate is good when there are influx of people, job growth or tourists.  What do you think will happen to these factors in the near future or long term?  Look at New Orlean, current population is still lower than before Katrina 14 years ago.  So, I am not very optimistic.

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    Stay the course. This is not the best use of your money.

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