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    1) Invest in market as usual.

    The mortgage is matched with the asset.
    Are you investing monthly?
    At what allocation?
    $100,$1000,$10000, $100000 what’s the difference?
    If you have an appropriate AA, the difference is zeros. Get used to it. The numbers get bigger. By the way, expect large dips too. Bailing out is just as bad as not investing. Opportunity is time in the market.

    Tactical investing is concentration investments based on a system. Cash is an asset class, personal mortgages aren’t. Paying off mortgage reduces monthly cash flow at the end of the end of the mortgage and locks down liquidity. Why? Because you don’t believe in your asset allocation. Do you have a reliable prediction of when the Wall of Worry will clear up? I trust you’re not worried about the mortgage payment. That’s a different issue.

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