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  • The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    As soon as I send out some emails in the next few days, people are going to come pouring in the door to this forum. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t know each other well. Introduce yourself either in this thread, or start your own. You don’t have to specifically identify yourself (a little anonymity is sometimes nice to have on a forum) but knowing a little about where you’re at in life helps build the community.

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    Virajith Wijeweera Virajith Wijeweera 
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    Hello my name is Virajith.  A financial advisor with FPL Capital Management, a Fee-Only RIA.

    Virajith Wijeweera
    FPL Capital Management
    [email protected]

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    Avatar iglord 
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    My Name is Ian Lord. I am a writer for and married to an OB/GYN intern HPSP grad. I also self manage a rental house.

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    Avatar corplawyer 
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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    I’m a Biglaw attorney. Mid-level in NYC.

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    dragonfruit dragonfruit 
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    I am the spouse of an IM resident.  We met as undergrads way before he took his first biology class.  If people ask if I married his wealth, I answer that I married his debt.  I love the medical adventure and figuring out the right financial decisions.

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    Avatar Indexer 
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    Hi everyone,

    I am in orthopedic surgery, now in my fellowship.  The WCI site has truly been a life changing resource. I’m stoked for the forum! Any ortho attendings or residents out there?

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    Avatar Peds 
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    pediatrician in los angeles, fresh out of residency.

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    Avatar Joseph 
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    Traveled the world to find a place where we can make a difference.  Finally paid off student loans last year and just starting to feel like we know what we are doing. But all credit to WCI.

    Have you done any good in the world today?

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    15hrsaday 15hrsaday 
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    Mid-career ob/gyn in a small town in Georgia. Introduced to WCI in 2012 and the site has been my guide for most every financial decision since. The forum should be a great addition.

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    Avatar toothcarpenter 
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    Orthodontist 4 year in a group practice.


    Also – you have to go into your profile and hit edit to change to display your username and not real name…I just don’t want Google to find me and when patients search my name it comes up with all my money questions!

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    DrNick DrNick 
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    I’m a general dentist.  My wife is in the last 6 months of a pediatric dentistry residency.  We’re both in our early 30s and were getting screwed on an IUL policy before I started reading WCI.

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    NavigoDoc NavigoDoc 
    Status: Physician, Financial Advisor
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    Hey all I’m Chase an OBGYN resident who is about to start his Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship this summer.

    Although medicine and residency is more then a full time job. I followed White Coat’s lead and started my own entrepreneural adventure as a fee only investment advisor.

    I’m excited for this forum to help my clients (and self) get great service at great value.


    Chase Cawyer, MD, MBA
    Physician and Financial Adviser

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    Avatar RetiredERdoc 
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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    Hello, I am a retired ER doc. Longtime Boglehead, veteran of multiple prior investment strategies (dogs of the dow, stock picking, performance chasing, etc).

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    Avatar IDinOH 
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    Greetings all!  I’m Dave and I’m about 6 years out of ID fellowship.  After almost a decade in the military I recently made the transition to the civilian sector. Now am a Hospital employed in southern Ohio.

    I really value this site and Jim’s book. Both are always on my list of recommended resources to junior staff, residents and medical students.

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    Avatar brian 
    Status: Resident
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    Joined: 01/09/2016

    I’m Brian, an anesthesia resident. Came out of med school with a ton of debt, but married a wife who makes a lot more than I do and is generous enough to make aggressive payments on my loan. WCI helped me refinance from government interest rate to 2.3% with DRB.

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