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    I have about $10,000 worth of money from doing consulting work last year and was wanted to maximize the retirement potential of this new side gig.  Have a plethora of questions that I felt the group could help me out with, thanks much in advance!!

    I already have an ORP (Optional retirement plan), 403b, and 457 through my primary job and contribute to a Backdoor Roth account as well

    Can I contribute to either an Individual or Solo 401k with this extra side gig money? Don’t have an LLC for the side hustle.

    If I can contribute how much would be my max?

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    1- yes. they are the same. however youll have to learn which portion and how much. hint: tons of threads on this here.

    2- dont know, you didnt give us enough info. start here:

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    You can, but with your 403b, assuming you’re maxing your employEE contributions, you’ll only be able to do profit sharing contributions, which would amount to 20% of (earnings less 1/2 SE tax), so you’d be saving a few hundred bucks in taxes for the hassle.  It might be worth it to you, especially if you need to rollover an IRA now or in the future.  Also, is this an ongoing gig or just last year?  If this were just a one year thing, I probably wouldn’t mess with it.

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    to contribute to a solo 401k for 2018 the plan had to have been opened by 12/31/18

    you can open a SEP IRA for 2018 contributions, deadline is your tax filing deadline including extensions

    you can then open a solo 401k for 2019 and future contributions and rollover the SEP IRA to the solo 401k

    note: don’t open the solo 401k at Vanguard because their plan won’t accept a rollover

    you don’t need an LLC, it has no benefit but may have added costs

    The Finance Buff's solo 401k contribution spreadsheet:

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