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    I do not live in NJ or CA and was not aware that these states taxed HSAs.  Apparently, your other taxes are insufficient…wowzah!

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    yea just got that email as well.

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    oh, yeah – hard to believe, isn’t it? But, then again, it’s CA and NJ 😈 .

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    AL went away for 2018, but TFB missed that TN still has the Hall tax, but being phased out; 18 = 3%, 19 = 2%, 20 = 1% and 21+ gone.

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    Yep, one of the worst phrases out there when filling out your taxes on the Left Coast is “California does not conform” to federal tax laws.

    HSAs are taxed and there’s no credit or deduction for 529 contributions.  We can’t have the citizenry be responsible and plan to pay for their own health care costs and higher education, can we?  😛

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