Howard County Maryland- Is it all it is cracked up to be?

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    It is funny how everyone wants diversity until they don’t.

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    Not all that familiar with Howard County, but used to live in Baltimore.  Was curious

    Per wikipedia: The racial makeup of the county was 62.2% white, 17.5% black or African American, 14.4% Asian, 0.3% American Indian, 2.0% from other races, and 3.6% from two or more races.

    Certainly a far cry from the demographics of the city

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    , your lovely wife seems to prefer the top end.

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    new wife?

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    I think I have not painted a very clear picture of my wife. I presented my views in a biased manner and inadvertently painted a negative picture of her. Let me defend her viewpoint to some degree.

    My wife immigrated here from China. I am white. The only place with Chinese schools and grocery stores and any semblance of a Chinese community are in Howard County and Montgomery County. The former is the only realistic place based on our job location. The cultural and language aspects appreciating our future children’s Chinese heritage are important to both of us. Her parents being closer so they can help immerse them in the culture is very important to her (and me).

    My wife is very frugal. I am just straight up cheap. It is my cheapness that sees the price of a home that is >$500k and just shuts down mentally. She, on the other hand, is willing to spend money on the things she values (food, travel and housing in a top school district). I do not like spending money on anything. My wife is not someone who wants expensive cars, designer bags, fancy shoes. She is very smart with money. She is completely willing to live in a townhome that is more reasonably priced ($400-600k) in this area. I just know that a townhome would have a quick expiration date. We would be there 5-7 years max. I would prefer to stay in our inexpensive condo for as long as possible. I have recommended staying here until our first child (she’s not even pregnant) is 3 years old. That way we have a better sense of what our true needs are going to be and thus can make a more informed decision around the time the child will actually be going to school. My wife is not in a rush right now, but she does want to move out of our borderline dangerous neighborhood sooner rather than later (our place already burned down once, neighbor just got arrested for hit and run, pety crimes aplenty, neighbor’s motorcycle was literally stolen in the night). Right now, she is being patient and waiting for the right home that is a fair value given that specific market. My wife would never overpay for something on an emotional whim. She is much too stoic for that. The part where she is rigid is on the location being exactly in Howard County (and namely Ellicott City). My major counterargument is that I feel this particular area is overvalued/overhyped and thus everything is overpriced even when paying fair market value. She vehemently disagrees with that assertion. There is something about this area that she loves and I just don’t get it and I do not have a great desire to live there and pay a premium.

    Her rationale is reasonable. I just know primary residences are consumptive and I personally would prefer to be in a smaller/efficient/cheaper area that we could commute to for the Chinese cultural things such as Chinese school/grocery stores. The areas that I have suggested do not possess the things that my wife values in the location of a home. One of us has to compromise and I suspect that person is going to be me.

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    You suspect correctly.

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    I am sure your lovely spouse is very reasonable. When you get to the safety concerns, that is a no brainer. High density housing has more incidents, but stats are available. Just make sure you are choosing something better. Looks are deceiving. Condo, house, townhouse you might as well start shopping.

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