How would you handle rude vulgar people at swimming pool?

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    oo many crazy people with guns and short tempers out there.

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    Just. Not. Worth. It.

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    I agree with this. I think that you should not get into a fight with strangers unless you are prepared to kill someone or be killed, because it might come to that. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. Therefore, you should only fight if you are attacked or if you are defending someone else being attacked.

    On the other hand, these guys might not be evil guys, just guys without much insight into how their activities affect others. Once they’re approached in a non-confrontational manner, and told that they’re scaring people or ruining the fun for others, they might tone it down or just leave.

    When I was in college we blared the Stones, Doors, and Zeppelin out of dorm room windows across the quad while we tossed frisbees or played touch football. It got rowdy, but of course it was a college quad so everyone joined in. However, if a bunch of us found ourselves at a pool, I can imagine tossing a football or frisbee around a pool and playing loud music while having a beer. It might seem natural. I never did that, but if I did and if it offended someone, I would hope they would just walk over and say, “Hey, we’re afraid you might run over our kids, and the music is just too loud.”

    At that point, I would have been mortified that my behavior was so rude, but I was unaware. I would have stopped, and I certainly wouldn’t have responded by threatening a grandpa. Sometimes, you can give people the benefit of the doubt. They might surprise you.

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    Rednecks and alcohol don’t mix.

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    Lots of empirical evidence saying otherwise…

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    And almost every topic is financial at the end of the day.

    Imagine the headline: rich doc comes to blows with 20 somethings just trying to have a good time, 20 something ends up at the bottom of the pool with a broken neck. How big is your umbrella policy? How is that jail time going to affect your retirement plan? Just. Not. Worth. It.

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    Nice try, but this one’s not financial guys.

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