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    What amt of $$$ should i start to worry about lump sum investment?

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    What amt of $$$ should i start to worry about lump sum investment?

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    for FLP prob >750K


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    “ it doesnt make it any easier to actually do it. So theres no sense in pretending just cause you know, it should be simple and care free.”
    There is real risk as ISO’s start vesting.
    a)Exercise and hold for LT tax
    b)Exercise and liquidate.
    c)Hold off as an investment and only exercise prior to expiration.

    When you throw paycheck, 401k, and ISO’s that’s a hefty concentration. Since you already cashed out, diversify. Not sure which robo you use. Each has an algorithm the spits out this is “what you need”.
    Is it better long term? Or do you just paying for the “answer”?
    Please note that complicated is not “better”. Adding real estate, commodities and foreign bonds are nice talking points, but haven’t been shown to give you and edge.
    The key number is stock/bonds for risk management and fluctuations. I like your tax strategy. The one thing that is very tough if you’re still working is to be objective. It’s more difficult than picking a stock. You really want to see it explode. Millionaires are made that way. Fortunes are lost that way as well. You wouldn’t be using a robo if you wanted concentration with the risk.
    Stash 10% of the ISO sharers for sentimental reasons, not investing. Just remember one word.
    Enron. Stick with your plan. Good luck.

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    What amt of $$$ should i start to worry about lump sum investment?

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    I agreed with your/my earlier comments, its less about dollar amount and more about what psychologically gets you into the market at your asset allocation. If you’re comfortable dumping it in, that should perform the best. If DCA lets you sleep at night, DCA.

    Even then, I think its more total dollar amount/net worth ratio than dollar amount. Moving $10s of thousands around when you’re a resident can feel wild, moving a few $100k around when you’re a multimillionaire doesn’t.


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    I’m not sure setting aside the expected tax was right. That was income at the time and you may have penalties for not paying estimated tax

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    Molar Mechanic Molar Mechanic 
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    I’d argue it probably has more to do with % net worth than it does actual dollar amount.

    300k is 10% of a 3 million profile. Keep on the path you are on, and your attitude becomes more “Put it with the rest.”can A year from now that $300k will be interested, and you get a quarterly bonus of $30k, are you going to sweat how to invest it?

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    Out 90% in safe stable investments. Index funds, property/bonds

    With 10% speculate…



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