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    I dislike being called a provider. It is a term admin uses to lump us all together. The 2nd p in pcp is physician. But I have been using pmd more.

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    I also hate being called a provider.  It is used to elevate NPs and deflate MDs.

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    I have never really heard this used, and certainly never heard it used to conflate APPs with physicians.

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    Rank has it’s privileges and within professional settings is required to clarify expectations for interactions.
    I don’t think any physician objects to “provider” as an adjective, but using it as “rank” is the irritant.

    In the army, O-1 to O-10. (2nd Lt to 4* general)
    In a courtroom, attorney or judge (both are doctors, JD).

    Just to fan the flames, how about color coded badges based on “Pay grades”? I am sure that won’t go over very well.

    I think MPMD said it fairly well regarding the respect aspect. Not sure it’s going over well for restricting doctor to medicine. Many PhD’s aren’t full Professors.

    Most here focus on the responsibilities and compensation. NP are not and cannot reach the same level. Just call them “associates” like Walmart eliminated “employees.
    Dear Associate Jones, should work. What could go wrong?

    Last resort, Clowns. Universally a sign of disrespect!

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    Seems the preferred way to address folks these days, “Hey White Beard”.

    At first, it bugged me that these millennials were addressing me “hey” but I had to grow up, get with the program, and adapt.  I have come to learn that “hey” is a term of endearment.


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    This is a clear Mr./Ms for me.

    My favorite was “Provider Smith”.  That can’t be something that anyone has actually used.

    In EMR, I just leave out salutations completely.


    Out of curiosity, what do you all do with patients?  I started out with “I’m FirstName LastName”, but I changed to “I’m Dr. Lastname”.  It feels less natural and more pretentious, but there are a lot of “providers” out there.  I think that it’s good that it’s clear to the patient that they’re seeing an actual doctor (but maybe it isn’t clear… after all I could be a DNP).

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    Out of curiosity, what do you all do with patients?

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    I think this question is important as well.  It does seem like with the infusion of other providers into the fray it’s become more important to make the distinction that one is a physician.

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    @SLC OB. That’s pretty crazy. I’ve been mistaken to be a student or nurse multiple times as a male (33 rocking the 23 year old face). It’s still crazy to me that a physician must be an old white male… it’s almost 2020.

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    In my first year as an attending in the ICU (30 yo) I saw a patient and then went to the nursing station to write a note. The patient’s nurse came over a few minutes later and told me the patient told her, “A 16 yo kid (me) just came in here and said he was a doctor.” 🙂

    Sadly, no one makes that mistake anymore.

    Erstwhile Dance Theatre of Dayton performer cum bellhop. Carried bags for Cyd Charisse (gracious). Hosted epic company parties after Friday night rehearsals.

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    I say “I’m Firstname Lastname, one of the radiology doctors who work here.”  Both personal and also links the fact that radiologists are doctors.

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    I say “I’m Firstname Lastname, one of the radiology doctors who work here.”  Both personal and also links the fact that radiologists are doctors.

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