How much is it worth sacrificing to live in 'ideal' location

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    This thread has been super helpful! Wow, really some things to consider.

    There seems to be a split between folks who argue that the ‘missing’ qualities of our current environment can be addressed by taking more frequent vacation, and others who seem to be able to enjoy there environments on a daily basis and would argue in favor of a move.

    What I take away from this, and having thought and explored this more offline as well, is that for the next few years we can ‘lean in’ to our current environment (we are 27 and 30), find a boat owner, get up to New Hampshire more, and increase the travel budget. And then, if in a few more years, closer to FI, we still want to move, we could realistically do it in a way that would allow the kind of access to a beautiful environment that some posters enjoy – right now, a move to Denver would probably be a move to a apartment downtown, or a house somewhere nearer the med school.

    To all the posters calling me out on not having a real problem – I get it, I am lucky, I never forget that. But I think this forum is a good place for conversations like this!

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    I think this is a great plan, at least for now. If you’re still feeling dissatisfied in a year or two, move! I would say my husband and I are similar. Similar age, no kids, enjoy outdoor activities. Yet, we chose to live in a location where the best immediate outdoor activity are city bike trails. Yes, we are quite close to a lake but this Florida girl would never, under any circumstances, swim in such cold water. One big difference however, is we do love where we live. While my friends in the south aren’t even sure what state I’m in, I consider few mid sized cities as cool as this one. AND WE VACATION! My husband has surf boards on various coasts across the country. With the exception of this year all of our vacations are centered around the outdoors, in a location where he can either surf or climb. We fly into cities then get the heck out of town. Early on, we would fly with only our backpacks, rent a car, and travel an area camping somewhere different each night. Sure, I would love to live in Denver but comparing city to city what does Denver have that mine doesn’t? Legal marijuana? Maybe more restaurants? But who really goes to a new restaurant every week? My city has so many cultural activities we never attend, a great dining / wine / craft beer culture, moderate political / religious environment…so what if people outside the town don’t consider it hip? Better that way! Keeps the rent low! All of that is to say it sounds to me like you’re actually in a really great area for outdoor activities but maybe haven’t taken advantage of them. Lean in!

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