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    My furniture is still a hodgepodge of crap from family and Craigslist. I am 4 years out of training and the only matching sets I have is our bedroom and very recently a living room.
    If you are the type of person who cannot make do with what you have it can get very expensive to furnish a house.

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    you can get good furniture from craigslist. i know many doctors would snicker at that, but scattered through fatlittlepig’s lair are couches, tables, desks all from craigslist (also piano)

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    Thanks for the advice. For more context, I am in OMFS, and our family all lives in the area so we know it well and have a good sense of the real estate market. It is a buyers market at the moment.

    I think the income targets I’ve described are conservative for an oral surgeon in such a HCOL area, where the fees are high and the overhead is not much greater than the rest of the country. The opportunity involves a buy-out so taking the job would essentially lock us in for a while.

    This is all months down the road, so we haven’t ruled out renting for a time, but we have kids and would prefer not to move

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