How many paid jobs did you have before being an MD?

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  • Avatar jfcap 
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    Safeway Starbucks during high school

    Chemistry TA during College

    Starbucks during College

    Office Manager/Biller/Clinical Assistant for a Cardiologist post med school (technically I had a MD at this point, but no Residency)

    Resident / Chief Resident


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    fatlittlepig fatlittlepig 
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    There are some hard working folks here

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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    At least a dozen, but none I’d call a career.

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    Avatar Allonblack 
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    1 Lab grunt
    2. Grocery bagger
    3. Humanities research
    4. Law school admissions tutor
    5. Clinical research
    6. Residency
    Started a Roth at 3 freshman summer of college

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    hatton1 hatton1 
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    1.  Sewed leisure suits in an illegal factory.

    2.  Fish and Chips- fryer, cashier, and dish washer.

    3. NC resort worker.  Snack Bar.

    4. Cocktail waitress- college.

    5. Lab research.  Water quality.

    6. Cashier for a hospital cafeteria (favorite job. Very social).

    7. Nursing assistant.  Peds hem/onc.

    8. H&Ps.

    9.  Actual doctor jobs

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    CM CM 
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    4. Law school admissions tutor

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    Are you a lawyer?

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    Avatar billy 
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    I think I counted 1 job during high school, 3 odd jobs during college, then teaching for a few years, 2 odd jobs between MS1 and MS2 year, and now I’m hopefully on my final job/career choice.

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