How many hours do you work per week?

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    At work? At home? side hustle?


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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    That is an average since I have extra hospital duties some weeks and weekends.

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    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    Depends. Some weeks may be up to 60 while some may be zero. If I averaged it over 52 weeks it would be 32-34.

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    Define work at home.

    I consider running an efficient household work, I am the COO and co-CFO, partner is CEO and co-CFO of home enterprise.  In this definition of work, my breakdown is about 30/30/0.  I maintain household bookkeeping, manage supplies, update calendar, set up meetings, and research, vet and coordinate with all the subcontractors – ie lawn guy, house cleaning services, childcare personnel to make sure they get their paychecks, show up on time and don’t burn down the house.

    I am also the main HR person, who’s responsibilities include maximizing our trainees’ performances in order to meet certain strategic objectives. Gosh, that doesn’t like a tiger parent AT ALL!!!



    Otherwise, 30/0/0

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    Dreamgiver Dreamgiver 
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    Avatar Laeno 
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    Since I’m EM… it’s kinda wonky, but if you average it over the month…


    Technically like 30.8/0/0 if you say there’s 4.28 weeks in the month instead of just 4, but now I’m just being pedantic.

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    40/0/0, trying to get that 40 closer to 25 soon!

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    None this week. But then I’m on for 96 hours next week.

    If you averaged my total work hours in a month (7-8 twenty-four hour shifts), say 7.5 shifts of twenty-four hours each over a 4 week month, then it is 45 per week.

    I do a lot of projects at home, but none that bring in any income. Unless I can somehow turn this homemade bacon thing into an industry somehow. That’s just my latest thing I’m doing.

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    Avatar poose 
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    45 (60 for call weekends once a month) / 0 / 10

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    52/2/4; some of the ‘work’ is ill-defined, like does reading a journal that may or may not count for CME = work?  I tend to view it as work if I don’t the article.  I certainly count doing  external referred reviews and in-house edits as work.

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    wonka31 wonka31 
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    Super variable but averages 36/0/8 (side hustle is from home).

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    Avatar GoBlueMD 
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    45 without weekend call (counting hr lunch breaks). 61 with weekend call. 0 hrs at home or side hustle.

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