How do you negotiate RVUs when looking at offers?

Home Practice Management How do you negotiate RVUs when looking at offers?

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    There is a base of around 20k…all in all we’re talking 150K

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    My gripe is aimed at my spouses employer. She is currently pulling in approx 10,000 RVU’s in Gen Peds and at a rate of $10.25/RVU!! According to the AMGA Data I have for her specialty the average Gen Peds doc does anywhere from 5-6k RVU’s per year at avg of $30/RVU. She’s basically working harder than most while getting paid the least! Something has got to give! This isn’t a mom and pop shop either. This is large well oiled machine with the resources available to optimize patient through put. I am sure some of it is geographic, but none the less I can’t help but feel she is getting the short end of the straw.



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    We pay our Peds well…. don’t have a spot currently… but I’d be happy to chat with her and expect a spot in the next year or so… good work life balance here but HCOL area.

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    Are you sure that $/RVU value is correct? If so that hardly makes it worth working. I know there are multiple factors to choosing a job but that would make me choose another job. So that you have some level of comparison my wife does General peds and gets $37.50/RVU. Also she works pretty hard 4 days /week and does about 5500 RVUs. I don’t think it would be possible for her to produce 10,000 RVUs. I also am not causing you a liar but I have a hard time believing those numbers.

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