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    Continuing the recent theme of clothing related threads I was hoping to get some opinions on best clothing options (mens) for hot and dry temperature. My wife’s dream vacation is Morocco and it turns out we will be near that part of the world this summer so she has convinced me to take a 2 week detour. Unfortunately the average daytime temperature in a few of the places she wants to visit is around 100 degrees at that time.

    I am from the Pacific NW and typically do not function well in hot weather (i.e. I sweat a lot). Morocco is also a somewhat conservative country so I am looking at wearing pants and possibly long sleeve shirts. I’m looking for something that hopefully wicks sweat and protects me from the sun.

    Thanks for any advice. Happy to hear specific brands or fabric suggestions. My wife wants me to look “stylish” but my goals are to not stink or pass out from the heat.

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    Jaqen Haghar, MD Jaqen Haghar, MD
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    Not budget friendly:  Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat or one of the Outdoor Research Hot Weather Hats (Swift Cap, Sombriolet…)   Prana Brion Pants.  Mountain Hardware Canyon Long Sleeve Shirt (if you are build solid) or Arc’teryx Elaho Long Sleeve Shirt (if you are trim).

    Budget friendly:  Hit up the nearest outdoor store or website and look at their buttondown fishing shirts and sun shirts and stuff, and similar outdoorish thin fabric casual type gear in your desired price range.

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    Avatar adventure
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    I’d agree with Jaqen, those are good choices. The thin pants from REI are good too, they roll up nicely, and let the body breath as you sweat (which you will). And you can wash them in the sink and they’ll dry quickly if you stink (which you will). Some people like linen, I think it gets too wrinkly. Rick Steves forum might have some ideas too.

    We use these when we travel:

    It helps compress space, which is great, but it also lets me keep the clean clothes clean and dry, and the stinky clothes contained.

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    Avatar Psyched
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    The REI brand of clothing (a bit cheaper) as well as Capilene cool stuff by Patagonia will likely fit the bill and is quick dry so you can wash at night and wear again fast if needed. Columbia website has a great selection of button down hot weather clothing.I am finding that a lot of the sporting goods stores are carrying a fraction of whats really available online.


    My husband purchased some pieces from North Face and Patagonia for when he was in civilian clothing on deployment in Quatar and Dubai and that stuff worked out really well for him. Lots of dust and a strong smell on a lot of it though, so those packing cubes are a must!


    Not realizing how dehydrated they could get in dry heat (you dont realize how much water you’re losing) was the most common issue.



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    Molar Mechanic Molar Mechanic
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    Under Armour golf pants – I don’t golf, but these pants are relatively inexpensive and wear fantastic.  They don’t wrinkle, I can (and do) see patients, hike, travel, go out to a nice dinner, date night, or attend a professional conference in them, and I’ve even run a few miles (not intentionally, but you could) in them and they are great for every use.

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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD
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    Somewhat paradoxically, lightweight wool t-shirts, socks and underwear (Icebreaker) breathe well, are odor resistant and easy to wash on the fly. Leave all cotton at home!

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    Avatar Tim
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    “Appropriate Dress – There’s a beautifully traditional feel about Marrakech that is further contributed to by popular Moroccan culture. Morocco is a devoutly Muslim country, with the religion strictly observed in many parts of the city. In order to respect the cultural and religious values of Marrakech, we advise anyone visiting to adhere to certain clothing requirements. This means most men should wear t-shirts and light trousers rather than shorts and vests, while women should look to cover their shoulders and wear skirts or shorts that cover the knees. While there’s not likely to be any consequences, it’s certainly more respectful to appreciate and be sensitive to cultures other than our own.”

    Coming from the NW, your concern about the heat is valid. From a heat standpoint, what would you wear in Vegas or Phoenix? I would suggest you give more thought to “appropriate” than stylish and the mix you need to take. Casual, business casual, dress pants & shirt. Loose, lightweight and comfortable. Acclimating
    takes longer than two weeks. From a security point of view, blending in is the goal even on the plane.

    Don’t dare wear FLP’s fake Rolex! Geez.

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    Phoenixdown99 Phoenixdown99
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    I like clothes with premethrin when I travel to avoid potential mosquito and other bug bites.

    Malaria prophylaxis is not recommended, but mosquito precautions are, especially in certain areas.

    These pants are great:

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    Avatar Marko-ER
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    I like clothes with premethrin when I travel to avoid potential mosquito and other bug bites.

    Malaria prophylaxis is not recommended, but mosquito precautions are, especially in certain areas.

    These pants are great:

    Click to expand…

    Does that work with the insects that spread Zika and/or yellow fever as well?

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    Don’t knock it til you try it.

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    Phoenixdown99 Phoenixdown99
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    Yep, that’s exactly why I got them when I went to Guatemala and Belize— lowers the risk of Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya etc.

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    Avatar GPGP
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    Columbia PFG shirts – I have several button downs that look nice and they are spf 50. . Coolibar is a good choice for women, don’t know if they do men’s clothing. Agree w REI options.

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    legobikes legobikes
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    Short sleeves are okay, even shorts would be alright (for a male), but FYI to most of the traditional world men look like little boys when they wear knickers.

    I have a Columbia PFG shirt and it was pretty disappointing, to me, in our 105F summers. A loose light cotton shirt is a much better wick.

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    Avatar Bartl007
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    Not all Columbia PFG is created equal. There are several different models of shirt. The men’s tamiami 2 is the one you want. Ultra light weight and wicks/drys super fast. Tons of colors available as well to suit you mood.


    I also second the Sunday afternoons hat mentioned above. I have the charter hat which is great and crucial for keeping the sun off you neck and head. helps you stay much cooler.

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    Avatar redsand
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    Xcel (brand) UV protection clothes – specifically their Ventx material. They are quick drying. My favorite. They sell them on their website. Sometimes you can find shirts on Amazon and at a big discount.

    I don’t know about stylish. They are more like t-shirts than anything else. They make men’s and women’s shirts in case your wife likes the style.

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