Hospitalist Jobs: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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    Fatlittlepig finds it hard to imagine a 12 hour work day. If that was imposed on me, it would be time for me to pack up and most to greener pastures. That’s basically your whole day, and also if you are done with your work and still confined until 7, that’s even worse. i don’t know how people who do 7 days in a row 12 hours days, honestly i don’t know how you could do that. no thanks!

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    I find that those jobs are taken mostly by new residency grads.  To them it is working half as much.  However I have seen several burn out after a few years if they do not make a change.  At least with residency there is a definite end in sight.

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    Or, for some reason, a lot of FMGs too.  Also, it’s very typical in the locums world to work 12 hour shifts.  I guess they don’t care as much because they have nothing to do outside of work but go sit in a hotel room.

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    Where are you interested? I have contacts up and down the Eastern side of the Sierras. I might be able to get you some people to speak to about some part-time cardiology work. I know the CMO in Bishop (I’m in Truckee but we are good right now for Cardiology) and have connections north of here too.  Just a thought… if you like the Sierra Mountain range.


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    Thank you. My first choice is to stay where I am, but if that doesn’t work out I may PM you late next year.

    Erstwhile Dance Theatre of Dayton performer cum bellhop. Carried bags for Cyd Charisse (gracious). Hosted epic company parties after Friday night rehearsals.

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