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    Has anyone here recently done a patio? We are getting quotes and I am blown away by how expensive it is. We are getting quotes for 20-25K. We can pay for it and I have around 60% equity in the house. I can provide additional specific details but I want to start with a couple of questions.

    1- Would you do it if you might not stay for more than 5 years?

    2- Does patio upgrade translate into better pricing when selling the house?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I think it is worth doing if you enjoy spending time outside in your yard. I wouldn’t do it based on the amount of time you plan on being at the house or based on your return on investment, just do it if it’s something you would enjoy.


    I did a paver patio at my last house, also approximately 800 sq ft. But I did everything myself. Spent days digging it out, hauled all the gravel and sand myself, and laid all the pavers myself. The materials alone cost about $7,000-8,000, so I could imagine that if I had to pay someone for labor it could easily be $20k+ like you say. We included a fire pit as well, which had it pluses and minuses.


    It was definitely a nice addition to the house and made the backyard a wonderful place to be, but not sure I would do it the same again. There was definitely regular maintenance required with re-sanding the patio a couple times/year. I had a couple of spots that settled despite being as meticulous with the gravel and sand as I could. Part of that may have been the water drainage off of my house; at one point I had to pull up a bunch of the pavers and re-sand underneath them and there were large areas of sand that had been washed out, leaving huge holes underneath the pavers. And once I did that I never could get it perfectly flat again. If I were to do it again I would splurge for something more “permanent” like concrete or something that won’t settle or require yearly maintenance.

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    Yes, it will help when you sell the house, but you wont come close to recouping or even being able to pretend you get that money back. It really just translates into your place being better and more popular so you end up selling sooner or for a little bit more.

    There is nothing better than finding a fixed up place with a bunch of expensive upgrades done to me. Pool, solar, fancy backyard are great. Sure, the house will fetch a modest premium, but its fire sale clearance % compared to trying to improve it yourself.

    If you do it you have to see it as consumption only.

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    Thanks wideopenspaces – the pea gravel sound interesting. That might replace some of the area and perhaps bring down some of the cost. Its hard to say no when we have paid all our debts ( except for the house) and have maximized the retirement accounts. I am not trying to move actively. That being said – I just think its hard to predict five years out when most of my friends and colleagues don’t spend more than 5 – 10 years at a single job. For what its worth, I am at my current job for the past 10 years. The house is on track to be paid off in 5-7 years.

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    Thanks climbhigh. Same thing happened to our neighbor. His patio – which he built settled and he has to figure out what to do next. Ours is a relatively new neighborhood and its almost expected that there will be settling.

    Zaphod – yes – this might end up just being a consumption item. I have small kids and dogs and we do spend a lot of time in the backyard. Not a big griller but just like being outside. But as with many things – I can do without a 20 grand patio in my life.

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