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    My husband is content here. Otherwise I would have already moved. Also they have one of the best public school districts in the area/state.

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    Do you have kids/plan to have kids? If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s nice in propping up home value, but I wouldn’t make that the reason you stay if you don’t have kids.

    If you do have kids or are planning to have them, then I would worry about it more. Private school might make buying in one of those areas less of an option. If your kids aren’t old enough for school yet, another reason to rent and see how you like the area first.

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    yes we have children which is why the school district is important, but they are not school-age yet.

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    I have found moving to an area with young children make it harder to connect with the community because you are busy with work and your family and it is hard to make friends.  It is such a PITA to get a night out for me and my wife we never think to go out of our way to make friends.  I think this gets easier and harder in some ways as they get older.  At least that is what I have heard.  What I am saying is make sure it is the community that is the issue before you move.  Starting over in another community might just lead you to be in the same spot in 2-3 years.  Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side.

    Obviously I am a stranger on the internet and know nothing of your situation but try and figure out what is the cause of your unhappiness.

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    Lot’s of good advice here.  I like the idea of having a heart to heart with your husband.  You guys need to be somewhere where you both feel happy.  What’s the point in any of it otherwise? A good school district won’t be much good to your kids if their parents aren’t happy at home. If you do decide to give the city a try, definitely look into renting first to make sure it’s what you want.

    Also, don’t automatically assume that the “good school district” you’re in now is the only place your kids can get a good education.  There are lots of options in most cities for great schools. We live downtown in our mid-sized city and though all the traditional “good school districts” are in the surrounding suburbs, there are excellent choices within the city schools as well and we feel confident sending our daughter there when it’s time. We love being downtown for the cultural reasons you mentioned.  We have considered moving to the suburbs before for the lower cost of living and possibly schools, but we just can’t fathom surrounding ourselves with people we 100% having nothing in common with.  Downtown we have lot’s of friends and neighbors who line up with our values and political beliefs.  We also like the idea of our daughter going to a more culturally/socially diverse school.  Plus it’s fun in the city.  Being able to walk to all the best features our city has to offer is so nice.  And we don’t have to fight traffic driving to and from work each day since we’re always driving the opposite direction as all the suburbanites.

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