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    i got K1 as well via email. I think you can reach out to Cityvest and request K1.


    Question on K1. Since there is a paper loss on K1, this does not reduce your tax liability this year right? I just carries over the loss to next year which may offset with next year gains?


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    That’s the way paper losses work for high earners that aren’t real estate professionals. One of my real estate investments listed a 36% loss on the K-1! It may be a decade before I pay any taxes on income from that. Not sure how they managed to get it so large, but there it is.

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    I’m not expecting a 2018 K-1 for CityVest

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    To the contrary, it does sound like at least some people have gotten K-1s.  FWIW, I was told to expect it…a week ago.  Managing expectations is part of the deal, right?

    Yeah, filing for an extension is easy.  Filing an amended return is also easy but costs money (I use an accountant).

    Or CityVest could do a better job…particularly to folks who have had to take the initiative to reach out.

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