Has anyone heard of the HealthCare Analytics Summit?

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    I can’t tell if this is a legitimate learning experience, a bunch of industry folks getting together to sell stuff to health care providers/organizations, some pie in the sky techie gathering, etc. It happens to be in a place (SLC) where I’d like to go this fall.

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    I haven’t heard about this but just going through the agenda and speakers it seems legit to me. I know Brent James, one of the keynote speakers, is perhaps the main thought-leader in the field. You got me curious about this, and I happen to live in the area.

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    I went in 2016 and 2017. I didn’t find it very helpful. They make a point to tell you upfront they aren’t trying to sell their products, and I feel they went out of their way to keep that commitment. The few times they were discussing a topic that they felt required the discussion of their products, they really tried to move through quickly.

    The keynotes are hit or miss. In 2016 they had the AG from New Jersey who started using a scorecard based on a logistic regression model to determine who should/shouldn’t get bail to minimize letting violent offenders out, and trying to minimize making more violent offenders because they rotted in jail, lost their jobs, etc. Really good presentation. They had another guy who was in charge of a very large government sponsored long term genetic study for population health, he was pretty good as well. Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the project, but it’s massive. Again, really good presentation.

    The one 2017 keynote I remember was a blowhard selling his books. He talked about a place that he said was generating 10,000 models a year. So, you know, 27.3 models a day, every day of the year. Or, alternatively, 1.14 statistical models per hour – every hour, every day of the year. It made no sense, and was embarrassing to hear him ramble.

    The breakouts are also hit or miss. There are some listed as technical, but those fill up really quick and are hard to get into. Most are not technical and consist mostly of nurse managers talking about how “it’s a journey…”. They would get asked questions regarding building their outcomes model, or how they structured the data, or how their analytic work had modified their workflow and they would typically look shyly at the person who actually did the work, or say that the person who did the work would be available in one of the technical sessions (that fill up really quickly).

    For these reasons, I didn’t go this year (2018). The conference itself is slick, good food, they do a good job of keeping people entertained, fattened and caffeinated. Health Catalyst really puts a lot of effort into making the overall experience good. If you’re simply looking to get to SLC for a few days, it’s not a bad gig. If you are looking to actually get some insights into using various analytic techniques that you could bring back to your home base to improve your internal processes, it’s a bad gig.


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