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  • Avatar dentoid 
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    I know this has been asked before when Serial was popular, but what are your fav ‘casts?

    Ones I’m listening to lately are:

    1) Brian Buffini Show- love the positive energy of an irishman.

    2) Freakonomics- love the analytical information

    3) Insider Trader Joe’s



    4) Dirty John- old news now, but was a hit a few months ago.

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    Avatar Bmac 
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    The Gist (Mike Pesca)
    Planet Money
    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    The Sporkful (Food)
    Why Is This Happening (Chris Hayes)
    Hang Up & Listen (Slate sports)

    I’m obviously a Left-Coaster

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    Avatar jacoavlu 
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    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Your Mom’s House

    I’m pretty juvenile.

    The Finance Buff's solo 401k contribution spreadsheet:

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    Avatar nephron 
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    I would highly recommend the  Ron burgundy podcast.

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    wonka31 wonka31 
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    If you like the criminal stuff:


    Root of All Evil

    Over My Dead Body

    How to Live and Die in LA

    Who the Hell is Hamish?


    If you like sports/comedy

    Pardon My Take


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    Avatar Brains428 
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    Making Sense


    Armchair Expert

    Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend


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    Avatar burritos 
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    Radio lab
    planet money
    Hidden brain

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    Avatar Dr P 
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    Planet Money

    The Rewatchables

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    Avatar Dont_know_mind 
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    What’s up next (Diverse FI) – recent podcast, but interesting next level fire type stuff :


    Michael Covel – I don’t agree with much of his trend following stuff but he has some great interviews, quite outside the square thinking and great range of interviews, with people who excel in their field, with over 750 episodes, such as:

    Daniel Kahneman:

    Frank Ostaseski:

    I think I have listened to around 600 episodes. The intro musical is a bit over the top, but his podcasts helped me think through a few things to do with investing, speculating and gambling.

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    If you like outdoor sports Meateater has established a very good podcast. It’s a bit heavy on in-jokes and some of the episodes are hit-or-miss but overall it’s good.

    Probably my all time favorite is Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, if you’re into stand-up and like his style it’s just hysterical. You kind of need to understand where Burr is coming from and if you’re easily offended it might not be easy to do that. Definitely not one to play when the kids are in the minivan.

    For a very intelligent but admittedly left-of-center take on the week’s issues Slate Political Gabfest is my favorite.


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    Avatar runfast00 
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    Stay tuned with Preet
    white coat investor
    Bogelheads on investing

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    Avatar Peds 
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    The Indicator.

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    Bert Kreischer

    Invest with the best

    Animal Spirits

    Odd lots


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