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    My starting point is that I’m fortunate to enjoy my work and make a good living. But medicine was always a compromise for me, because I have many other things I’d like time for, and my identity is decidedly not excessively tied up in being a physician. The alternatives to medicine were financially risky (eg, poet) or emotional death (Wall Street). So I picked a compromise path, one that was meaningful, financially secure, and I could do it 4 days a week to gain some sense of balance for other activities. Stopping whenever possible has always been a desireably goal, and when it happens will be a cause for celebration, though I’ll miss aspects of it.

    I see it as FIRWR, Financially Independent Retire When Reasonable. The moment I think I’ve reached Reasonable (I’m not interested in a risky retirement, I intend to walk away from trading time for money forever), I will retire. Of course, at this point it will not be RE.

    I see no moral dimension to it, it’s solely a practical question: can I afford it?

    Also, I wouldn’t want to work any harder now for the sake of the future – I’m already doing all the delayed gratification I can stomach – because the future may never come. For me there needs to be a reasonable balance between living for now and preparing for then, and it’s already more skewed toward preparing for the future than I’d wish, but I’m a practical person who seeks safety too. Compromises. And four more years!

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    4 more years depending on how the bar fights turn out!

    Good luck.

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    LOL, and thanks for watching, Tim!

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