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    Anyone heard of them? My group uses them and we have the option of using them for a fee, or else we can manage finances ourselves. I’m currently invested in mostly index funds. Was wondering if it’s worth just joining the pooled fund. Thanks!

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    without knowing anything about it, hearing about it, or even googling it: prob not.

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    Not a lot to go on there. I found this on their website.
    “Typical fees run from $625 per quarter or $2,500 per year to $2,000 per quarter or $8,000 .”
    Do you need them?

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    CordMcNally CordMcNally 
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    If you’re comfortable taking care of your own finances and investments then anything more than free probably isn’t worth it (with the exception of some estate planning).

    “But investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.”
    ― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

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    There were some references to them on this forum. IIRC they are one of the good ones but my memory could have been foggy.

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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    Yes, a good firm. I don’t think they’ve ever paid me to advertise with me, but I’d take their money which is more than I can say about 95% of financial advisors.

    Similar advisors that I and your fellow white coat investors have actually vetted can be found on my recommended list:

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