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    Soni have done a few of these over the past few months. Maybe$200 so far this year.
    I am sure I need to pay tax on this. Is it just up to me to track and report when I do my taxes next year?
    Seems like it could be easy to abuse.

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    Yes you are required to pay taxes on it.  If you make less than $600/year from a given company you just track it yourself.  If you make more than $600 the company will send you a 1099-misc

    How do you get signed up for these? I might be interested in doing a few in my down time while I am already on the clock.

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    Just go to the survey company websites and sign up (the only one I ever did was M3, but I’m sure there are others) and they will send you ones based on your specialty.

    I did a few a couple years ago and they paid ok for time I was just going to be dorking around on the computer anyway but I found them really tedious so I stopped.

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    Lordosis Lordosis 
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    Yeah I just got one in my email. So far all have paid out. It is not a lot of money but easy to do in down time.

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