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    Has anyone looked into some of the EV Index ETFs that invest in companies that are part of the supply chain? Thinking about a small investment in one.

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    Completely unnecessary. I own them already.

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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD 
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    No one loves his/her EV more than I do, but I have no interest in an ETF that invests in them. How would it be constructed? Who devises the “index”?

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    This is going to be a manufacturing and commodity index in the end. Ofc there could be some good growth due to increased EVs and a small base but in the end its the same issue. Just like the stocks of the car makers themselves, car making is just a tough business, and suppliers are then subject to the makers.

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    DRIV has tech and auto makers in it. Focuses of EV/Autonomous driving. Other than that, earth metal miners and more battery tech would be another area of focus.

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