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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    I just read though;

    Stock Series


    I have been trying to branch out lately.  Just like in politics if you consistently listen to others with the same point of vie you stop learning.  Any other recommendations?


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    portlandia portlandia 
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    I have read this stock series and thought it well done, relatively concise and easy to understand. It is a great tool for beginners, especially those that feel overwhelmed. JL Collins hammers home the point that investing doesn’t have to be complex to be successful.

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    never read it.

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    Yes. I think jlcollins is great….no BS. He also has some gray hairs / life experience that a lot of fire bloggers lack

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    Yes read it!!!!  It is more organized in his book the simple path to wealth, which is also a must read.  No other book I have read has given me the appropriate mental outlook/psychology to be a long term investor.  It is an entertaining quick read

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    Drop it into MD Drop it into MD 
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    I was thinking about making it my next financial book.  I do agree that he has been around the block which does give some more power to his words.  As you allude too many bloggers to not have the experience themselves but are well versed in the history.  Something to be said for someone who lived and invested though it.

    I particularly like that he is somewhat optimistic about the market going forward.  Everyone else is so doom and gloom these days.

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    next recommendation: intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.  oldie but goodie.


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