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    If you have a Porsche or M3 or AMG you really don’t have an option of “cheap” tires. The cheapest of those tires will cost way more than an high end Accord tire.


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    You can usually find a Kumho, Dunlop, etc. on the cheap for most sportscars.


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    I buy my tires based on wet stopping distance. Better tires stop shorter. Dry conditions are friendly to most tires. I don’t have much snow, not enough for snow tires.

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    We buy based on all year (sun, snow, etc etc) needs. It snows here, so we need them.

    We also buy based on mileage rating, meaning, how many miles are they good for. Factory seems to be 20-30k, and a boring good tire is nearly 100k. That’s much more my style, than trying to be a super soft, grippy, performance oriented tire which simply has as shorter life.

    I have been known, however, to buy fancy racing tires for a bicycle or 2. You can tell a difference. But given I drive a boring car, I’d rather have a tire that lasts, and can deal with rain, snow, sun, etc.

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