Do 1099 Independent Contractors Qualify for PSLF?

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    Yanita, if you’re in California, you might want to see if the county should have classified you as a W-2 rather than an independent contractor in light of the state supreme court’s Dynamex decision. That said, the Assembly is working on a legislative fix for what some see as overreach by the Supreme Court requiring physicians and dentists to be W-2 employees when they might prefer to be independent contractors.

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    Preference doesnt really matter does it? Its a stretch for most contractors in these situations to actually be contractors whether they prefer it or not. I’d prefer to be a contractor all else equal so I could personalize my benefits, but I think the foundation is pretty clear and makes perfect sense legally.


    Institutions dont contract people out of some altruistic or headache avoidance issue, it is solely to dodge expensive taxes and liabilities (workers comp, paid family leave, etc…). So, you are certainly not making more, you’re getting less and the institution is paying less overall. You should make significantly more as an IC to account for this, but not usually how it works.

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    “ Of course we have all been on rocky ground with this PSLF, but I was trying to do due diligence… and still failed. Thanks again for having this forum/resources available.”

    I really hope you are successful. As many government programs, the noble intent gets lost in the words and interpretation and we end up paying for an army of bureaucrats with no benefits given or abuse of the intent.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Tim. I have learned that the word “employee” is not as simple – or clear – as it would seem… and variably defined in variable circumstances.
    And Hank, be careful what you prefer…. being an IC is not a small headache. it is more a means to an end, if its what’s required to get the job you love…… 🙂

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    Thanks, and thanks for the recommendation for Adam Minsky. Will reach out… At least I do love my job. And appreciate your help here. If I find any definitive news out, for better or worse, will make sure to post.

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    You’re welcome, and please circle back with updates or additional questions. As you know, the forum is happy to help!

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    More help?? Adam Minsky was great and swift to respond, but unfortunately is not licensed to work in CA. Do you have any other recommendations? If not, for anyone else here, this is what i’ve got:  You can find a consumer rights attorney in your state through the National Association of Consumer Advocates; they have a directory on their website, You can also contact your state bar association for a referral. There is also free student loan information available at and

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    Did you ask Adam if he has any good referrals or contacts in CA?

    I feel like the recent case for the American Bar Association (ABA) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) could help you moving forward. I know there is A LOT of gray area when working as an IC but certainly worth a shot. Plus, this court case and a few others should have attorneys in the student loan space feeling good.

    Here is the story from Adam in Forbes: Major Court Decision Boosts Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    I looked up a few attorneys in CA but their specialty was private loans. I would trust the opinion of Adam’s recommendation over Google anyway.

    Chad Chubb, CFP ® | WealthKeel LLC | Gen X & Gen Y Physicians

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