DispatchHealth Raises $33 Million To Bring More House Calls To Patients

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    Consider this a YELP rating:

    Medicare provided home health services for a disabled relative

    Nurse once per week and physician once per month.

    Blood pressure and pulse with the same conclusion each and every time. Yes, he is still alive!

    Not once was a problem diagnosed. “What about the raw spot on the ankle? On the back?” Oh, here is a prescription for a cream.

    Over a 4 year period, only when he had difficulty did we take him to the ER. Each time, 3-4 days in the hospital with things from dehydration to blood infections. The last time he was transferred to hospice and passed away. The quality of the medical care was basically non-existent. The turnover was horrendous. Not sure if they every knew the medical history with heart attack, throat cancer and stroke. There seemed to be no effort of any real exam or follow up of existing problems. From a cost standpoint, a 15 minute maid service would have provided the same.

    I am sure it was low pay and payment by patients visited, not on any results. The providers seemed to be “beaters” as far as competence or effort. Lost cost with a license (I assume) that generates revenue for poor service. Not one provider mentioned that end of life may be approaching. Thank goodness our $9/hr home living Spanish speaking lady raised the red flags.

    I view this as publicity for his “business” to add another layer of skimming to make money. Second act.

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    I agree this is another example of SV just trying to dip their hands and skim from the trough of medical monies out there. Theyre all pretty terrible ideas, this one especially. Its like the think global act local idea to be better for the environment, etc…when in reality, the way we do things is more efficient for all phases already. This idea cant scale and its extremely inefficient and a waste except for the company skimming some revenue before they fold.

    Doesnt make sense to send the doctor out to see 3 people a day, they stay put and 40 people come to them…hmmm….SV’s foray into medicine just looks like an unadultered money grab, “just put app in there and it will be well received”.

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