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    Looking to purchase disability insurance. I know I do not want any occupation designation. Taking WCI fire your financial advisor course I remember Dr Dahle mention want an “own occupation ” designation. The insurance salesman with principal financial(who is contracted with my employer) wrote policy as a Regular occupation stating that is even better for consumer than own occupation. Can anyone clarify?

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    Whats your occupation?

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    I would clarify this . I would not take any chances. I would speak to the administrator of the practice or better yet, speak to the disability insurance rep and get explicit information. I purchased own occupation LTD disability insurance only after grilling the representative over the phone. Hope it all works out!

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    With Principal their Regular Occupation rider (HH757) is what you want, what they call own occupation is an own occupation not engaged definition. Just so you know the rep is not ‘contract’ to the employer the rep just works with a number of the employees there but you can work with any rep to get the same deal but it does sound like they took you in the right direction. Just make sure you shop other carriers as the best deal from one carrier may not be the best deal for you.

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