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    You may already have all of your estate documents in order except one: who gets your digital assets? Who can access your digital accounts?

    You can see if your state has laws addressing digital property here. Most states don’t (note that several states simply have proposed laws at this time). You’ll probably be surprised at what states do not have a law addressing this issue yet.

    Regardless of the above legal questions, do you have a list of all accounts and passwords that you want your administrator to take charge of and close down (or deal with) in the event of your death? It’s a big problem and you can save your loved ones a lot of time and trouble by organizing and planning ahead.

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    A good thing to to “death folder” – thread here.

    and, I’d add a note to mine to please take me off Facebook immediately. I don’t need to clutter the world with my stuff at that point.

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    Many websites have terms of service that will close your account when they find out the account owner has died.  Trying to contact customer service, etc. after a death to obtain credentials can lead to permanent closure.

    On the flipside, those facebook legacy things are pretty creepy though.


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