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    @stateofmyhead, I think we’re not disagreeing. To my mind, a BATNA in this case represents a job you would take for the raise being offered. If it’s an inferior job, or has inferior benefits, or you wouldn’t change jobs for other reasons, then it’s not a BATNA. If you’re considering buying an identical car/trim level from multiple dealers, and you truly don’t care which one makes the sale, that’s a paradigmatic BATNA where you don’t need to pay a penny more than the lowest bid. If you’ve fallen in love with a one-of-a-kind dream home and are negotiating with the owners over a price, you can fake that you have a BATNA, but your negotiation position is weaker. You can show them comps, or tell them it won’t appraise for more that $X, but ultimately they can stick to whatever price they want to stick to.

    If you’re at a dream job that you would work at no matter the rate you’re paid and no matter the market rates, you can still do market research about rates and tell you’re boss that you seem to be underpaid, if in fact that’s the case, but it doesn’t make sense to say you’re planning on leaving for a better job if you have no intention of doing that.

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    Unless you are already working at the worst business in the world, there is 0.0 percent chance a politely worded request about pay rates results in a firing.  What makes you even bring up firing is more concerning to me.  That response would be unreasonably out of proportion to the question.

    Is the business struggling?  Have you had negative feedback about anything so far?  If no, feel free to politely inquire.

    Sometimes they just don’t know or don’t think about it.  If you are a valued employee and your information is correct, they will have no reason that they can’t explain the rationale or adjust your pay.   You sound like a thoughtful person, just pretend you have to ask a sensitive patient to a question and think about how you would phrase it.

    either i’m too old to worry about BATNA or else I have a subjective sense of what BATNA is, but I have too much difficulty predicting where these conversations meander to, so I don’t waste too much time with gathering information.  (Be prepared to say something when they ask you why, but i think you have built this up to be bigger than it is).  I work for a big place, so either they will give it to me or not, the supporting evidence doesn’t matter so much for these one off conversations.  Either they have flexibility and want to grant it or the policies don’t allow for it.  The BATNA matter when negotiating overall contracts for the division or the departments.  I haven’t been at a smaller practice in more than a dozen years, so maybe my thoughts don’t apply if that is your environment.  At least those are my old man experiences.

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    OP, how’d it play out for you?

    It does seem sad that a physician has trepidation over discussing a $10/hr pay raise with their employer, both in not knowing how to approach the discussion and that such a trivial sum raises fears of ‘rocking the boat’.

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    Haven’t asked yet (I am a little on the timid side) but I have been reading all the comments. I think the best way would be how or what can I do to get that difference the other physician had. Which is different from straight up saying “I want a raise why is she getting more” approach The other way I was thinking was approaching the other ppl in the group and asking for some transparency and collectively getting everyone involved.

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